Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Our hard surface floor cleaning includes vinyl composition, terrazzo and concrete flooring. These floors show dirt, dust and scratches quickly. Therefore regular professional scrub/ strip and wax may be required on a regular basis. Normally, floors can be cleaned with a damp mop, dry static duster or broom, but they may also need to be scrubbed/stripped/waxed periodically for proper maintenance. Without the right equipment and know-how, that cleaning process is hard, time-consuming work.

Equipment Used

We use portable auto scrubbers to scrub and remove the old wax. Once the old wax and dirt is removed, we apply 1 to 5 coats of polish to re-wax the floors.

Important Things to Know?

  • We must move furniture out of the way until the floors are dry.
  • During the cleaning process the space has to be emptied and only available to our floor technicians.
  • We use green certified cleaners for the safety of our clients.
  • Once the floors are completely dried we recommend buffing the floors again with an auto scrubber machine and especial pads, this process helps to ‘burn’ the wax / polish into the floor making it last much longer. This service requires an additional fee.

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