Reasons your carpets require professional care:

  1. Appearance … Over time carpets lose their depth of color and rich tone. Regular vacuuming helps, but it’s no substitute for a professional carpet extraction cleaning.
  2. Health/cleanliness … Carpets are a great place for germs to hide. We always use eco-friendly solutions to disinfect, deodorize and inhibit the growth of mildew, mold and unwelcome microbes.
  3. Extend the life of your carpet … Carpets don’t usually wear out, they “ugly out.” Professional cleaning removes the abrasive grit and particulate soil that can damage fibers and take years off the life of your carpet. Replacing the carpet in an officee environment costs thousands of dollars just for installation.

Equipment Used

We use portable Carpet Extractors (Deep Extraction Technique) which takes approx. 6 hours to dry. Our machines are Hot Water Extractors with 3 stage vac motor which provide 50% more water lift than other extractors. We also use an auto scrubber which softens the dirt seated in the carpet. When we use the extractor with hot water pressure, the carpets are left in outstanding condition.

Important Things to Know?

  1. We move small furniture out of the way – use furniture sticky tabs for chair and table legs to protect furniture and carpet from stains.
  2. Spot-treat stains. Some stains may be permanent and may not be remove-able with cleaning.
  3. We pre-condition carpet to soften the soil underneath the surface.
  4. Air blowers may be needed in some cases to expedite drying time in commercial spaces.
  5. Carpet protector may be added for high traffic foot areas for an additional fee.

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Lets Add Some Science to the Process…

One of the best approach to clean the carpet properly is to pile lift the carpet fibers using a round floor swing machine with nylon brushes to remove loose soils and debris, followed by hot-water extraction to get the deepest clean outcome.  This is the process we follow for any jobs because it really gives us the best outcome. Our cleaning method works extremely well for commercial carpets however long fiber rugs cannot be pilled up because it can result in damage to the rugs/carpets. Carpets with long yarns are mostly found in residential spaces.

Lifting the carpet’s yarn restores the ability of the yard to reflect light

properly. When a carpet has been dirty without being professionally cleaned, the yarn will lay on one side and when the carpet fibers/yarns are lifted it magically revives the yarn! Its really magical and professionally cleaning your carpets with a hot extraction machine removes soils, oils, debris from the carpets bringing back some of the original look of the carpet when they were freshly installed.

Ongoing Maintenance is Necessary

Building owners and managers that understand the value of a positive return on investment on an asset know that your floors are extremely expensive to replace. The best approach is to develop a carpet maintenance program/s for your different types of flooring throughout your buildings to maximize and extend the life-time of your assets.

Planned carpet maintenance programs help to stop the carpets from loosing vibrancy (loss of color) from heavy traffic, soils, debris, oil, spills, and more. Carpets should not be cleaned just when they look dirty but careful planning will help to maintain your indoor environment in excellent conditions.

Hot Water Extraction vs. Steam Cleaning?

Hot Water Extraction is the same as steam cleaning. Carpet cleaning professionals use either terms interchangeably. In reality though there is little or no steam involved as a primary cleaning material. Instead, hot water and cleaning agents are mixed in our portable carpet extractor machines and sprayed into your carpet pile at a high temperature over 212 degrees Fahrenheit. During this process the carpet piles loosen up the soil, debris, oils, grime and whatever bacteria is in your carpets.

Our portable extractors have dual 3-stage vac motor providing excellent solution recovery, allowing carpets to dry faster.

How Long does it take for the carpet to dry?

It depends. The dry time is greatly affected by humidity, room temperature, and air flow. It could take between approx. 6 to 24 hours for the carpets to dry completely.  Depending on the job site we can place fans to expedite drying time. You may also turn on your air conditioning or heater depending on the season.
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hot extraction carpet cleaning

Hot extraction carpet cleaning method

Clean Carpet after Shampoo

Clean Carpet after Shampoo

dirty water from carpets TM

Dirty water from carpet

Piling up the carpet with a round swing floor machine

Piling up the carpet with a round swing floor machine

Cleaned Carpet after Piling up and Hot Extraction

Cleaned Carpet after Piling up and Hot Extraction