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Did your last RFP for professional commercial cleaning services deliver what you really need?

Did your RFP really work for you?
It’s one thing to write an RFP. And it’s another thing to write an RFP right. Do it right – and you expedite your hiring decision-making process. Do it wrong – and you have to revisit the task sooner than later.

And we understand why…

Often Managers are so busy with day-to-day tasks, that the task of writing the RFP for commercial cleaning can seem daunting and burdensome.

What we at BOSTON’S BEST COMMERCIAL CLEANING have discovered is that by not taking the time to write a thorough RFP, professionals like you find themselves having to revisit the whole contracting and hiring process, and often within less than eight months.

So we’re here to help.

We have taken the time to provide you with an eGuide to help. It will give you a quick walk-through of things that you need to include with your next RFP. We understand what you face in the decision-making process. And we want to help you create an RFP that win-win situation for you, and your commercial cleaning services provider. And one that takes rehiring and resubmitting an RFP for commercial cleaning services off your list of things to do!